Saturday, June 6, 2015

Another Ticket Vendor Arrested in Battery Park


By Geoffrey Croft

A Staten Island man was busted in Battery Park for trying to sell tickets to tourists, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

Macedon Ahmad, 25 was arrested yesterday by Park Enforcement Patrol officers who observed him offering bus and boat tickets to passerby.

Defendant Ahmad repeatedly refused to show identification when approached by PEP officers. 

According to law enforcement sources he became combative when authorities attempted to place him under arrest.

Ahmad was charged with Resisting Arrest, Unlicensed Vending, Obstruction of Governmental Administration,  and Disorderly Conduct.

The incident occurred yesterday at 3:30 in the park near Bridge and State streets. 

Ahmad has been arrested four times for possession of drugs.

In 2007 he was arrested for destroying property in his mothers house. 

He also has a juvenile history which is sealed. 

Yesterday's arrest comes on heels of last week's widely publicized incident  when officers observed Gregory Reddick, 54,  exchanging tickets for cash on Pier 15  near the South Street Seaport.  

Reddick refused to produce identification and asked repeatedly and pushed an officer several times before walking away. Officers tracked him down a half mile away in Battery Park. 

Yesterday Reddick's company, Sales Justify Quota,  filed a Civil Rights suit against the city, individually naming eleven police and PEP officers.  

Gregory Reddick has been summoned seven times since June 1, 2014 according to the suit. 

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  1. May I ask how you became aware of the 2007 incident?