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Revenue, Play Continue To Drop At Trump's Ferry Point Golf Course - Rates Raised For NYC Residents

"You literally can't even get on the course it's so packed” - Eric Trump

Trump's ten million dollar clubhouse under construction earlier this year. Donald Trump’s two sons arrived by a Trump branded helicopter and presided over the opening of the Clubhouse banquet facility ribbon cutting ceremony.  At least one son however had some veracity issues.  

"You literally can't even get on the course it's so packed,"  Eric Trump, EVP of the Trump Organization stated. He also inaccurately claimed that revenue for all Trump courses were up last year and also claimed that the building was finished well ahead of schedule. He also Tweeted that the clubhouse would create,  “countless jobs.”   

The 20,000-sq. ft. clubhouse is expected to bring significant revenue to the struggling course.


By Geoffrey Croft

Revenue and play have dropped precipitously at the Trump Ferry Point golf course since opening just three years ago. 

The public played thousands of fewer rounds of golf for the second year in a row at the tax-payer built course while the Mayor Bloomberg-era gift to Donald Trump facility raised prices on local residents, already the most expensive public course in the city by multitudes.  

Tax payers are also required to pay Trump’s water and sewage bill which grew to $ 1.3 million dollars.

Total revenue has fallen 17 % since first opening three years ago despite continuing to raise rates according to financial documents obtained by NYC Park Advocates.     

The tax-payer built luxury course grossed $ 6,681.256 in its third year of of operation in Trump's sweetheart deal with the City of New York compared to $8,072, 529 in its inaugural year, a decrease of $ 1,391.273 dollars.

The public played 5,070 fewer rounds of golf -  23, 221 last year compared to 28, 291 the first year.  Revenue from greens fees dropped from $ 3.8 million the first year to $ 3.1 million the third year, also a more than 17 percent decrease.

Trump raised fees for New York City residents,  jumping ten dollars for the 2018 season on weekends and eight  dollars during the week. Residents are now required to pay $ 185 a round on weekends and $ 154 during the week, more than 4 and 3 times respectfully what other municipal courses in the city charge.  

Less than 19 percent of NYC residents voted for Trump during the presidential election.    

Trump lowered fees for non-residents a few dollarsOut-of-towners pay a staggering $ 224 on weekends and $ 197 during the week, more than 5 times what other city courses charge.    

Seniors continue to avoid the course like the plague.  Play fell from 1,706  rounds the first year to 1300 rounds last year,  generating only $  94, 388 in greens fees.  

On average seniors usually make up nearly 40% of the golf demographics according to the National Golf Foundation statistics.  

This year seniors still have to cough up a whopping $ 95 dollars for a round compared to the city-wide rate of $ 26 dollars. Trump's “discounted” rates for seniors is not available on weekends and holidays.  Seniors who don't live in NYC get bilked even further - they are required to pay $ 128 a round, an eight dollar decrease from last year.    Trump was forced to slash senior prices in 2017 after the disastrous first two years.

Trump’s original contract stipulated that seniors would pay $55 dollars. 

Juniors are required to pay $  60 dollars - almost 8 times more than at other city courses, and $ 93 for non-residents more than 10 times greater than the $ 7.75 fee other city courses charge.  Junior play grossed less than 5,000 dollars from just 149 rounds of golf.   During the 3rd quarter only 8 juniors played bringing in a total of $ 272 dollars.

For the current 2018 season Trump lowered the Junior rate for non-residents by ten dollars to $ 83 dollars.

Military rates are $ 95 dollars a round. Only 90 people played, grossing $ 5,850 in greens fees. 

Donald Trump’s original contract  listed $100 for a round of golf (Monday-Thursday), and  $125 on weekends and holidays.  He was also allowed to charge non-residents $25 more on weekends without the approval of Parks or the city.  

Since then the de Blasio administration has allowed the sky-high green fees to dramatically increase even further. 

Under a sweetheart deal the Trump organization is not required to pay the city anything the first 4 years. 

Trump’s sweetheart deal doesn’t end there: The de blasio administration gifted Trump’s 
water and sewer charges to the public which the taxpayers are now responsible for. Trump was reimbursed $1.1 million dollars for fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 and $ 1.3 million for 2017, an increase of $ 200,000 from the previous year according to the City’s Department of Environmental Protection.  

Seniors  -  $  94, 388   1300 rounds played
Juniors  -  4,915         149 rounds played
Military  -  $ 6,380           90 rounds played

Total Rounds Played  23,221

Total Gross Revenue   - Total:  $  6,681.256

Greens Fees  -  Total:  $  3,118.406

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