Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teen's throat slashed by glass-encrusted kite string - from Flushing Meadows/Corona Park - City Sued.

The South Asian sport of kite-fighting — featured in the book and movie "The Kite Runner" — nearly cost a skateboarding Queens boy his life when a razor-sharp wire sliced his throat, according to a lawsuit.

According to the NY Post 12- year-old Jared Kopeloff was skateboarding outside his Flushing co-op apartment building in October 2009 when he was clotheslined by a downed kite string.

The glass-encrusted wire ripped into the boy’s throat and left him scarred from ear to ear from a wound his lawyer said took 400 to 500 stitches to close. The boy also lost two lymph nodes in the accident.

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Teen's throat slashed by kite string
New York Post - November 16, 2009

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