Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Union Square Dome Opens But Problem Not Entirely Solved

Parents Welcome Dome Back to Union Square After Safety Hazards had it Closed
The six-foot high steel climbing dome designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh in Union Square playground reopened on Tuesday with a massive green awning above it. The awning however does not cover the entire structure leaving part of the metal exposed to the sun. The City was finally forced to close the play feature on May 21 after it became dangerously hot as NYC Park Advocates first reported. Just last week in Brooklyn Bridge Park, another Van Valkenburgh designed steel play orb had to be closed after a thirteen-month-old girl suffered second degree burns while touching it. (Photos: DNAinfo/Nicole Breskin) 


UNION SQUARE — A steel climbing dome in the Union Square playground that had to be shut down after it became dangerously hot in the sun reopened on Tuesday with a massive awning shading it from above, according to DNAinfo.

But some parents worry that the Parks Department's massive, 40-foot-long tarp won't be enough to protect kids, since the awning leaves a section on the east side of the dome exposed to the sun.
Domes designed by the same architect, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, had to be removed at Brooklyn Bridge Park's new Pier 1 playground park because of overheating problems.
“This seems ill-conceived,” said Brooklyn mom Diana Decubellis, who took her two children to play in Union Square on Tuesday. “It’s definitely hot and fully in the sun on this side. Parents should be very vigilant.”
Her daughter, Sophia, 9, opted to play by the sprinklers because she found the dome too hot.

Parents Welcome Dome Back to Union Square After Safety Hazards had it Closed
Sophia and Diana Decubellis said the dome was still hot to the touch.

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