Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shuttered Carousel In Forest Park Temporarily "Opened"

The production company made a "substantial" donation to Forest Park, the Daily News reports, but where exactly did this money go?

William Adee of Local 52 cleans a Forest Park Carousel horse as film crews get set to shoot 'The Sitter' at shuttered treasure.
The shuttered carousel in Forest Park gets ready for its close up. William Adee of Local 52 cleans a wooden horse as film crews get set to shoot 'The Sitter' at the closed treasure. Local activists have been trying to re-open the carousel for years. (Photo Farriella for the NY Daily News)


Fans of the Forest Park Carousel were thrilled to see a glimpse of the shuttered treasure during a flurry of activity at the site this week.

But they shouldn't get their hopes up, according to the Daily News.

The workers cleaning and fixing the 100-year-old carousel were part of a film crew shooting scenes for "The Sitter."

The movie, starring Jonah Hill of "Superbad" fame and Sam Rockwell, has been described as a loose remake of the 1987 comedy "Adventures in Babysitting."

"It's a major set piece for us," Peter Silbermann, the film's publicist, said of the carousel. "We're shooting in Forest Park for four or five days."

The city-owned carousel has sat dormant for two years while the Parks Department searches for an operator to run it as a concession. Elected officials originally said it would reopen this past summer. But negotiations with a possible vendor appear to have fallen through.

The Parks Department is still actively searching for a concessionaire and plans to issue new request for proposals in January, agency officials said.

Civic leaders have pressed the city to move quickly, worried that the hand-carved masterpiece is deteriorating.

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