Sunday, May 29, 2011

Morningside Park Camera Removed

December 5, 2010. Camera in Morningside Park near the 116th stairs. (Photos: Joe Schumacher)


One day late last fall, December 5th to be exact, I was descending the 116th St. stairs in Morningside Park when I noticed a big ugly box attached to a lamp post, writes Joe Schumacher.

When I stopped to take a closer look the box spoke to me. It told me I was an unauthorized visitor. Seriously! In a park. In the middle of the day. I stood there staring at the camera (I did not make any obscene gestures) for a couple of minutes, hoping it would speak to me again. It didn't. As you can see there is no identification on the camera. Was it owned by the Parks Department? NYPD? Columbia? Friends of Morningside Park? I meant to ask and/or complain at the time but got busy and forgot about it.

Yesterday I noticed the camera was gone. I could have been gone for a while as I don't take these stairs nearly as often as I once did. One reason why is coming up in a future post, but if you are familiar with the 116th St. stairs you might know why.

May 22, 2011. The camera has been removed.

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