Friday, June 10, 2011

Washington Sq. Park Attacks - Two Stabbed

PEP officers haul away Charles Graham, 51 of Brooklyn who allegedly slashed two people with a broken bottle. Two hours earlier the assailant allegedly punched a park worker in the face.


Two people were stabbed and a park worker was assaulted in two separate incidents yesterday in Washington Square Park. Charles Graham, 51 from Brooklyn allegedly removed a broken bottle from a sock and slashed two males, ages 22, and 27 in a dispute according to an NYPD source. The incident occurred at approximately 1:15 at Washington SQ. NO. & 5th Avenue. The perpetrator fled the scene.

The victims were transported to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

NYPD and multiple PEP units responded. Mr. Graham was apprehended by two PEP Sgt.'s who turned the arrest over to NYPD due to staffing commitments at the Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park.

Mr. Graham was charged with two counts of felony assault and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. (The arrest and hand over to the police was posted on You Tube)

Mr. Graham was the same individual who allegedly assaulted a Maintenance and Operation Parks Department (JTP) worker two hours earlier in the park.

While the worker was cleaning the park at Thompson St & Washington SQ South at approx. 11:00am, the assailant claimed the JTP removed his belongings and then hit the parks worker in the face and fled the scene. NYPD responded & canvassed area with negative results. NYPD filed a harassment report for the JTP.

Two weeks ago a known methadone addict was robbed and hit in the face with a bottle in the park. The victim spent two days in the hospital and received 27 stitches according to enforcement personnel.

– Geoffrey Croft


  1. Good job...If not for the diligence and dedication of Park Enforcement Sgt. D. Sanchez this perp would probably have gotten away.

  2. Cheers to the Pep officers that caught this creep, This is a perfect example of why Pep is an asset to have, to the People of New York.

  3. Ex Skid Park RangerJune 13, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed in that park. PEP officers risk their lives everyday patrolling that park. And without firearms how can they apprehend the violent felons that live in the park? That park needs to be patrolled by NYPD who are better suited to deal with those perpetrators.

  4. Hope this goes to the park sgt. that apprehended the perp I was one of the police officer from the 6 pct that arrived on secen at Wasington Sq Park, very good job parks enforcement sgt.

  5. My name is Mr. Douglas and I was sitting on the bench right next to the person that had stebbed two people in the park. when a park sgt. hand cuffed him. when I ask the park sgt. why he was being arrest the parks offcier sgt. told me that he had stebbed two people in the park, I was so happy that we have park police in washington sq park. I will also like to say thak you to the park sgt. that apprehended this bad person.

  6. I live in the Washinton sq Park area. I am friends with the Mayor of N.Y. I was reading the news paper, and found out that there was a stebbing in the park, the park sgt. that apprehended this creazy low life needs to be reward, I think the Parks Dept. needs to stop trying to fire them. and get more Parks Enforcement officer. And to the Sgt. that put his life before his owen. thank you for getting up in the morning an keeping us safe. aka


  7. Hey Sgt. Good job

    Hrp officer

  8. Sgt. good job on that arrest in Washington Sq Park. they need more sgt. like you at parks.

    24 Pct Sgt.

  9. You need to get an award fot this one Sgt.

    pep officer

  10. Yo Sgt. that was a good arrest at Washington Sq Park

    Bpc command

  11. Job well done! Finally PEP getting credit where it's well deserved!