Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Parks Department Dump Truck Overturns In Ewen Park

A NYC Parks Department dump truck flipped over in Ewen Park in the Bronx park today, sending its driver to the hospital.


A Department of Parks and Recreation truck overturned in Ewen Park on Tuesday morning, resulting in an injured driver, a displaced pile of dirt and a scarred tree, according to the Riverdale Press.

The dump truck was filled with dirt that was to be deposited in a hole near Riverdale Avenue and West 232nd Street, when the park’s steep grade caused the truck to become unbalanced. The truck tipped onto its side, its hood resting against the base of a tree as cargo spilled out of the vehicle. The driver was treated for a sprained back at North Central Bronx hospital and released.
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Riverdale Press - January 5, 2012 - By Graham Kates

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