Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Celebration In Union Square Park

May 1, 2012. Thousands of people gathered in Union Square Park on Tuesday in honor of May Day. Parks were used for a number of protests today including Bryant, Sara D. Roosevelt, Madison Square and Washington Square. (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) click on images to enlarge.

A stage was erected at the Southern end of the Park.

Throngs of people representing a myriad of issues amassed in the park.

Signs of the Times

NYU's controversial massive expansion was represented.

The North End. Participants from the Professional Staff Congress /CUNY assemble near the pavilion before marching downtown.

Access Denied. The Pavilion. A preview of things to Come? The park's historic backdrop for rallies was cordoned off for the event. The Union Square Partnership and the City are attempting to install a restaurant at the location.
Marchers begin to head downtown from the North/Western part of the park.
A number of participants departed from the park's north end.

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  1. The union square park is a charmer one should take flights to New York for. Great place indeed as shown in the above pictures.