Friday, June 1, 2012

Orchard Beach Stabbing - Memorial Day


A 21-year old male from the Bronx was stabbed in the back at Orchard Beach on Memorial Day, A Walk In The Park has learned.

The victim sustained a large slash wound to his back which came about as an "outgrowth of a stare-down and verbal dispute," according to a law enforcement source. The victim was taken to Jacobi Hospital and has three prior arrests.

The incident occurred on May 28th at 3:00pm in the picnic area between the boardwalk and the beach near Section 12 in Pelham Bay Park.

After a description of three men was broadcast over the police radio officers from the 45th Pct apprehended two suspects. Arrested were Glenique Stevens -19, and Sanobi Stokes- 20, both from the Bronx. Stevens was charged with Assault 2, and Stokes with Assault 3.

Police are looking for a third assailant.

- Geoffrey Croft

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