Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mayor Closes All Parks, Playgrounds & Beaches As Nor'Easter Approaches


By Geoffrey Croft

For the second time in a week the Mayor has ordered the closing of all parks, playgrounds & beaches.  

Beginning tomorrow - Wednesday, November 7,  all parks will be closed for 24 hours beginning at 12:00 noon in anticipation of the Nor'Easter which is approaching the city. 

"This is for everybody's safety," Mayor Bloomberg said at a press conference today.

"High winds are likely to bring down more limbs or entire trees and obviously the waves are very dangerous and we just don't need to send our first responders into the ocean to save someone who is being foolish. So stay off the beaches. 

A number of people were killed last week by fallen trees, tens of thousands of trees were lost and many park facilites were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Dozens of park facilities across the city remain closed from last week.

"Even if you are outside of a park," the Mayor added.  "we've had too many people killed by limbs coming down. Trees when there is this much wind this much rain and even a little bit of snow are lethal if you are unlucky."

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The National Weather Service has put NYC on a high wind and flood watch beginning tomorrow morning through late Wednesday night the Mayor said this afternoon. 

One inch of rain is expected along with sleet,  with snow accumulating on trees a possibility.

"That makes trees which already have their base flooded more likely to fall over and that is something we are really going to worry about," he said. 

The forcast calls for a storm surge of between 2 and a half to 4 and a half feet.  Moderate coastal flooding is also expected especially during high tides. 

"A lot of these beaches which have had their sand - which has acted as a barrier - eroded so places that didn't before have a problem with a 2 and a half to a 4 feet surge might very well this time.

The Mayor said he was not ordering a general evacuation for people in Zone A but that they were going to go to a handful of low line areas where flooding normal occurs and try to evacuate people. 

He did stress again that trees could be compromised due recent flooding and the possibility of snow accumulation.

According to the Mayor the Department of Sanitation removed 60 thousand tons of storm debris. 

Hurricane Sandy Criticism? What Criticism

At 26:30 the Mayor is asked to comment on the merit of the public's anger that has been directed towards his handling of Hurricane Sandy.  

The Mayor compared it people complaining about running out of coffee for 24 hours.

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