Sunday, January 6, 2013

Young Female Body Found in Gerritsen Beach in Marine Park

Police are investigating the discovery of a burnt body of what appears to be a young woman or teen girl on Gerritsen Beach Channel, on the point at the end of Gerristen Beach Avenue this morning in Sandy ravaged Gerristen Beach. Cause of death unknown. Police searched the area for clues. January 6, 2013.  (Photo by Todd Maisel, New York Daily News)
A dead woman was found naked and burnt on the beach in the Marine Park natural area this morning. (Photo: Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)



By Geoffrey Croft

The body of a young burnt naked female was found in Marine Park in Gerritsen Beach this morning. 

The body, believed to be of a black female according to the police, was found in the sand in the nature preserve off of Gerritsen &  Lois Avenues. 

A 911 call was placed at 7:15am. 

At this time authorities do not yet know the identify of the person or how long the body had  been there. Police say the body had not yet decomposed.

(Photo: Benny J. Stumbo)

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