Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prospect Park Anti-Gay Attack - Five People Charged In Hate Crime

Police arrested five males -  ranging in age from 16 to 21 - who they say screamed anti-gay slurs as they beat Kevin Kiadii, 25, outside Prospect Park in Brooklyn Wednesday night.


A gay man was brutally attacked in Brooklyn this week in what police are calling yet another hate crime.

Kevin Kiadii, 25 was kicked and punched repeatedly Wednesday night in Prospect Park by five men who yelled anti-gay slurs at him and a pal, sources said yesterday, according to the NY Post.

“I’ll kill you, faggot,” one of the men said, according to Kiadii.

“I said, ‘You’re disrespecting me,’ ” said Kiaddi, a professional makeup artist.

“He stood up and punched me in the face — straight sucker punch. It hurt.”

Kiadii reached into his bag and grabbed a bottle of perfume and used it like pepper spray on the man who punched him.

“If it wasn’t for my Dior bottle, I’d be in so much damage,” he told The Post.”

The violent gang injured Kiadii’s finger, scratched his arm and face, and bruised his shoulders and ribs before cops arrived.

The five men — ranging in age from 16 to 21 — were charged with gang assault, court records show.

According to the Daily News, Kiadii told police that he was on Empire Blvd. near Flatbush Ave. at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when he spotted four drunken men carrying another man out of the park. When he offered the wobbly stranger his pineapple soda, the suspects pounced.  

“I don’t know why they did this,” Kiadii said. “When I offered (my soda) one of them started yelling, ‘Get the f--- out of here you f---ing f----t! I’ll f--- you up.’

Kiadii said he sprayed his assailants with perfume. Kiadii ended up wrestling with his attackers as he tried to fight them off, receiving a bruised finger and some scratches. The alleged assailants, who range in age from 16 to 21, were charged with assault as a hate crime.
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