Monday, October 7, 2013

Police Catch Man Who Attacked Mom with Child In Fort Tryon Park


Oscar Ruiz, 35,  was arrested for the attack on a 33-year-old woman in Fort Tryon Park last week while she was pushing her 8-month-old baby in a stroller.  The NYPD lifted a single finger print from the broken bottle used to threaten the mother.  (Mugshot: Courtesy Englewood PD:  Sketch:  NYPD via cliffviewpilot)  


By Geoffrey Croft

The man wanted in the brutal attack of a 33-year-old woman pushing her 8-month-old baby on Sept. 27 along the Ft. Tryon Park Greenway has been captured.

Mary Jane Jarman was pushing a stroller when a crazed man holding a broken bottle crawled over a railing and approached the victim from behind and said, "Come here , come here. " 

The brave woman fought back and repeatedly struck Ruiz in the head with a bicycle pump. 

Engleweod, NJ police arrested Oscar Ruiz, 35,  yesterday afternoon outside a Shop Rite store acting on a tip.

The NYPD lifted a single print from the broken bottle used to threaten Mrs. Jarman. 

Last week NYPD released a mug shot of Ruiz. 

He has not been extradited yet according to police sources.

Ruiz has been in and out of homeless shelters and has had several prior arrests in NJ. 

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