Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lifeguard Sexually Assaulted At Rockaway Beach



By  Geoffrey Croft

A 51-year-old black male was arrested yesterday afternoon after he forcibly touched  a female lifeguard at Rockaway Beach, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

Terrell Webb,  of 114th Drive of St. Albans, Queens was arrested after he alegedly rubbed the woman's genitalia with his fingers,  "without her consent, which caused her annoyance and alarm," according to the  Queens District Attorney's office. 

The assailant approached a female lifeguard, 24, when she finished an exercise drill and started a conversation.  While talking he reached over and touched her arm, elbow and back and then her private parts according to a Park Department source.  

She ran away crying and reported the incident to a Parks Department maintenance worker who contacted Park Enforcement Patrol and the NYPD. 

"He dropped to his knees and apoogized, begging for forgiveness," said the source. 

The man was arrested by Park Enforcement Patrol & transported to the 100th Precinct. 

The incident occurred at 116th Street at approximately 10:00am.

Webb is presently awaiting arraignment on a criminal complaint charging him with third-degree sexual abuse, a Class B misdemeanor, and second-degree harassment, a violation, the office of the Queens DA said.

If convicted he faces up to three months in jail and/or a fine of up to $500.

Webb has been arrested numerous times including for disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental justice.

He has been arrested 7 prior times in Queens alone since 2009 according to the Queens DA. 

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