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Croton Water Filtration Plant Costs Continue To Skyrocket To $ 3.7 Billion

The initial (city) estimate was a lowball. ”-  Independent Budget Office (IBO)

A driving range is being built on top to replace the one seized during construction. (Photo: NYC Department of Environmental Protection)

Bloomberg's Folly. The Croton Water Filtration Plant in the Bronx is nearing completion.  Total costs associated with the project have ballooned to $ 3.7 billion according to the IBO,
up from an estimated cost of $992 million in 2003. 

The federal government ordered New York City to build a filtration plant for its Croton water supply.  Three potential sites were considered including the Mosholu Golf Course in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.

In 2003, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) estimated the cost of constructing the Croton Filtration Plant at Mosholu to be $992 million, according to the IBO. 

Site preparation began in 2004 and plant construction started last year. In 2008 plant construction costs were estimated to be $2.2 billion, a 119 percent increase and total costs for the project including amenities such as parks, and mitigation measures was estimated to exceed $3.1 billion dollars.

The EIS for the project concluded that the Mosholu site was the best choice for several reasons. Among them, IBO notes,  was the $992 million estimated construction cost was cheaper there than elsewhere, even including $243 million in mitigation and amenities, which were much higher than the $40– $50 million required for these components at other sites including Eastview in Westchester County,  a site many people preferred.

- Geoffrey Croft 


The cost of a city plan to build a massive water filtration plant under Van Cortlandt Park continues to balloon, according to new estimates, the Daily News reports. 

The Croton Water Filtration Plant — planned to clean a significant portion of the city’s water supply when it finally opens — is now estimated to cost taxpayers a whopping $3.7 billion, the city Independent Budget Office reported this week.

When the federally-mandated plan was finalized, in 2004, the cost was pegged at just over $1 billion. The last estimate, in 2011, put the cost at $3.5 billion.  The long-delayed construction is now projected to be finished sometime around 2017, and it’s still unclear when the plant would be operational. It was supposed to be opened in 2011.

“The initial (city) estimate was a lowball,” said Doug Teresky, chief of staff of the Independent Budget Office, noting that former Mayor Bloomberg pledged $200 million in related park improvements that will cost more than initially estimated. 

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