Saturday, December 13, 2014

New “Privacy Fence” Illegally Installed At Gracie Mansion

De Blasio never got permits for new Gracie Mansion fence

A new “privacy fence”  around the mayoral residence adds about 4 feet to the barrier already there. The de Blasio administration failed to secure the proper permits to build the fence around Gracie Mansion in Carl Schurz Park.  The administration also bypassed the Public Design Commission for review which is also legally required.   (Photo: Brigitte Stelzer/NY Post) 


Mayor de Blasio failed to secure the proper permits to build his “privacy fence” around Gracie Mansion — and the Parks Department is now scrambling to file the paperwork after the fact, City Hall officials admitted Friday, according to the New York Post. 
On Thursday, The Post exclusively reported that the mayor ordered the construction of a roughly 10-foot-tall fence inside an existing 6-foot brick wall to keep the public’s prying eyes out of his yard.
Officials couldn’t say whether any employees of the Parks Department, which handled the construction for the mayor, would be disciplined for building the barrier without first obtaining the alteration permits they needed.
City property owners are routinely levied hefty fines for such infractions.
Plans for the eyesore fence should have gone before the city’s Design Commission for review — but never did, a City Hall source also admitted. The job was finished in November.
Through a spokeswoman, de Blasio said White House fence jumpers sparked his desire to erect the barrier, for which the Parks Department paid $4,250.
“The head of the mayor’s security detail made the decision to increase the fence’s height after examining the perimeter with other NYPD officials, and in the wake of the White House fence jumping incidents,” said City Hall spokeswoman Rebecca Katz.
But security experts called that excuse bunk.
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New York Post -  December 13, 2014 - By Yoav Gonen, Larry Celona and Shawn Cohen

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  1. Many community advocates across the City have fired up 311 Complaints in response to City planning and building codes violations for illegal fence heights (4-ft rule). This ruling was intended to preserve the character of neighborhoods and that fences basically do not make good neighbors. Yet the Marxist Mayor gets voted into office and what does he do- violate that very building code by a.) not applying for a DOB permit and b.) violates the fence height rule by installing a 10-ft tall fence.