Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UPDATE: Police Shoot Man Wanted In Hammer Attacks

Police officer Lauren O’Rourke clutches the back of her head as David Baril, 30, the suspect wanted in a series of hammer attacks lays in the middle of the street at 37th Street and Eighth Avenue after being shot by officer Geraldo Casaigne Wednesday morning. (Photo: Rich Docherty)


By Geoffrey Croft

This morning a police officer shot David Baril, the 30-year-old suspect wanted in a series of hammer attacks on innocent bystanders after he turned on them according to police.

Video released by police show a fast acting police officer coming to the aid of his female partner who is being pursued by the attacker wildly swinging a hammer in the middle  of Eighth Avenue at 37th Street. 

The incident occurred a little after 10:00am. 

A male and female officer on patrol spotted the suspect and began following him along Eighth Avenue near 38th street when he abruptly turned around and pulled out a hammer and went after the female officer.

hen he turned around he violently started swinging the hammer at the female officer," said Manhattan Chief of Detectives William Aubry.  

David Baril, 30, wanted in Monday's Union Square Park attack and others. (Photo: DCPI)

"As he's swinging the female officer is backtracking into the intersection of 37th & 8th. Her partner, the male officer sees her struggling and he fires his weapon four times at this individual, striking him twice," said Aubry.

Baril was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center where is in critical but stable condition.   

Police say he has multiple prior arrests and a history of psychological problems.

“I want to commend those two officers for their actions this morning," Police Commissioner William Bratton said.  

"First in seeing the suspect and approaching him. And then secondly for the quick action on the part of the officers, but particularly the male officer, who based on the preliminary video I viewed, quite possibly saved his partner’s life by shooting the suspect.”

There was a heavy uniform police presence last night in Union Square Park as police canvased the area looking for the suspect in Monday's attacks.  A twenty-eight-year-old woman was sitting alone on a park bench by Evelyn's Playground in Union Square Park when she was attacked from behind by the deranged man. (Photo: Geoffrey CroftNYC Park Advocates) 

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