Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rockaway Beach Attack: Disturbed Man Almost Drowns Elderly Park Security Worker


By Geoffrey Croft

An emotionally disturbed man attacked a Parks Department security worker this afternoon and nearly drowned her, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The man attacked the 64-year-old woman at around 1:00pm at B. 38th Street in Far Rockaway.  He dragged her into the water and forced her head underneath.

The victim said she was praying while the man held her under the water. All of a sudden he let go.

After the attack the assailant exited the water,  calmly sat down in the woman's chair under the green Parks Department umbrella and began drinking her water.

She called for help. 

Several Park Enforcement Patrol officer's raced to the scene in ATV's and caught the man.

Jermyne Beaton, 27,  Hispanic, a resident of Beach Chanel Drive, Queens was charged with felony assault and harassment.

The Parks Department assigned Margarita Melian, 64, by herself to a desolate stretch of closed beach to monitor a nesting area for the Piping plover, a federally designated endangered bird that nests in several areas along the beach. 

Melian, who works as a City Seasonal Aid in the agency's Parks Security Service division,  saw Beaton swimming in the closed off area.  She approached and told him he had to get out.  He became irate. He grabbed her and pulled her under the surf.   He held her down.  She swallowed water while she struggled with the deranged man. 

The terrifying ordeal lasted a few minutes then he suddenly let her go.

She was treated at St John's Hospital for multiple lacerations and bruises and released. 

Local 983 president Joe Puleo points out that PEP and Park Rangers, licenced peace officers, used to staff this and many other areas. 

"These workers are not trained to deal with these situations. They can't make arrests,    said Mr. Puleo who represents the CSA' s and PEP.

"These people's lives are at stake due to the Parks Department's negligence. They abandoned her alone in a desolate area, this woman almost lost her life." 

 He once again called on the City Council to hire more officers.

The proposed City Council budget  for the upcoming year does not allocated funds for a single new officer.  

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  1. Ridiculous. Parks executive managers should really take a long, hard, look at staffing levels. Local Parks "bosses" who allow Parks security officers with no NYS Peace Officer status to cover these areas solo because of political pressure might want to think about the big picture: an employee literally fighting for her life.

  2. Ridiculous. Parks executives need to take a long, hard, look at how they are putting people's life in danger. Get some more real PEP peace officers out there. Double up the security for non peace officers. It's only a matter of time before something like this ends in a complete tragedy. Wake up Parks! Anyone wearing a uniform is a target. Stop nickel & diming when it comes to life & death. Happens again, don't know how you'll explain your way out of it, or even sleep at night.