Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tree Branch Injures Two Kids, ages 9 and 8, In Bronx Playground

Officials coordinate after a falling tree fell on two boys in Bronx River Park Submitted photo.
First responders at the scene. The large tree limb suddendly came down on two Bronx boys as they were filling up water balloons in a playground in Bronx River Park.


Two young boys playfully filling water balloons in Bronx River Park on Monday were suddenly clobbered by a falling tree branch — one so hard his “head caved in” cops and family said, according to the New York Daily News.  

Jhostin and Edward Reyes, ages 9 and 8, were hanging out near a park playground in the park at E. 180th St. and Boston Road in West Farms when there was a resounding crack and the boys were walloped by the plummeting limb around 3:30 p.m., police and witnesses said. 

The boys were dazed and bloody as emergency workers arrived. 

 “(Jhostin's) head caved in. It hit him that hard,” said the boy's uncle Roberto Hernandez, 18. 

The children were taken to Jacobi Medical Center, both conscious and alert, cops said. Family said Jhostin, whose leg was also broken, was in intensive care with an apparent skull fracture.  

Police said both boys were in stable condition.

The two boys being treated at the scene by the fire department.

“He was crying and kept saying, ‘Why’d this happen to me? Why’d this happen to me?” Zulanlly Luna, 23, the boys’ aunt said of Jhostin.  Edward suffered bumps and bruises from the foot-thick oak branch, which was at least 10 feet long, police sources said.

“That should’ve been a wakeup call to check the other trees,” said Luna, who remained near the scene of the injury as parks workers closed off the area around where the branch fell.

Several precarious boughs hung near the playground in the park on Monday, leaving parents wondering if the incident would repeat itself on another day when such a thing could happen again. 

 “That’s dangerous. Any one of our kids coulda got hurt,” said Takasha Ross, 25, of Parkchester, who had come to the park with her kids, ages 1 and 6. “At least trim the old branches.”  

The FDNY and Parks Department were on scene removing the branch late Monday in a closed-off portion of the park.  

“Parks is investigating the tree and has closed the playground pending the results,” a parks spokesman said in a statement.

(Photo: Sam Costanza/For New York Daily News)

The fallen tree limb the struck two kids.  (Photo: Sam Costanza/For New York Daily News)

 (Photo: Sam Costanza/For New York Daily News)

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