Sunday, August 30, 2015

Man Threatens Park Goers With Guns In Brooklyn Park

The suspect tossing around a football in lower Highland Park this afternoon. (Photos: NYC Park Advocates)


By Geoffrey Croft

Police are looking for a gun-toting man who threatened park goers in a Brooklyn park this afternoon.

Park patrons were stunned to see  several firearms from a man playing football on the soccer field in Highland Park near Jamaica Avenue and Elton Street around noon today.

When the football he was throwing came too close to a woman, her companion asked the man to be careful with the ball. The man responded by lifting up his arms,  which exposed a gun in his front belt. He turned around to show another firearm which he was carrying in the back.

A father with his fifteen-year-old son flagged down park enforcement patrol officers who searched the park. They were joined by multiple NYPD patrol cars who canvased the park with negative results.

"It was scary," said a witness.

"We come here with our families and our kids, he should not be carrying weapons. We were very lucky, you never know what could have happened."

The suspect is described as a black male, six feet, approximately 250 pounds.

The suspect, dressed in jeans and black t-shirt,  running out of the soccer field.

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