Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mystery As Dog Is Found Dead In Central Park

The owner holds his dead dog on a park bench at 109th Street and Central Park West last night while being questioned by police. (Photos: via gothamist)


By Geoffrey Croft

The police are investigating the mysterious death of a dog last night in Central Park that the owner believed was shot.

"Duke," a black labrador retriever was found by his sixty-five year owner after he let the dog off the leash and lost sight of him for a short period, according to police.     

The owner said he was walking the dog in the park, at 110th Street near Central Park West, near his apt.  shortly after 10 p.m. last night. 

He continued to walk south on a pedestrian path where he spotted Duke rolling down a grassy hill in convulsions.  The dog had a deep wound on the top of he head and below his right eye. 

He called 911 to reported his "dog had been shot." 

When police arrived they found no evidence of gunfire and no reports of gunshots in the area were reported. The owner admitted he didn't hear a shot and didn't see anyone else in the park and didn't have sight of the dog when he was injured. 

A necropsy is being performed on the dog today and police hope an x-ray will help determine the cause of death.  

Photographer David Torres says the owner was "visibly shaken" and tried to say good-bye to his dog a final time (when the dog was wrapped in plastic), but police led him away, according to gothamist. 

The owner stands over his dog which police wrapped in plastic.

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