Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thieves Wearing Masks Rob Couple In Queens Park


A walk in the park turned into a nightmare for an Asian husband and wife this week when they were mugged in Kissena Park. 

The couple, male, 34, and female, 31 were in the park near 45 Avenue & Colden St. at 8:50pm when they were approached from behind by two assailants black wearing masks. 

One punched the female in the back of the head causing her to fall on the ground.  While she was on the floor one held the husband and twisted his arm behind his back and removed 
$ 50 from the victom's pants pockets.

The perps fled southbound on Colden St. according to police. 

The incident occurred on Tuesday night, November 3rd within the confines of the 109th Pct.   

Both suspects were described as 6'0 tall, 180 pounds wearing black. 

Sgt. Brendan Ryan from DCPI said the investigation is on going and encouraged the public to call the NYPD Tip Hotline (800) 577 - TIPS  if they had any information involving the case.

- Geoffrey Croft

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