Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FDNY Called To Game Of Thrones Low Budget Union Sq. Promo Event

A firefigher checks the permit for a smoke machine from a Game of Thrones promo event in Union Square Park this morning while two HBO event officials look on.  (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC PArk Advocates) Click on images to enlarge.


By Geoffrey Croft

Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are no match for the FDNY. 

New York’s bravest threatened to turn off the smoke machine being used as part of a Game of Thrones themed promotion after being called to Union Square Park to investigate.  

They arrived at HBO’s low-budget but much hyped promo event after receiving a call this morning of smoke coming from the southern end of the park at 14th Street.

When firemen arrived they observed smoke spewing from a replica of an overturned garbage can lying on its side.

Smoking Garbage Can.  The Fire Department was called to Union Square Park this morning. 

“What is the smoke for,”  a fireman asked. "Is there anyway you can not do it?”

An HBO official who said she was in charge explained the scenario while a Fire Department official checked the permit. 

“The permit checks out,” the fireman said to his colleagues.

“We’ll let it go for now but If we keep getting calls we’re going to have to shut it down,” he warned the HBO event staffer after getting her name.

The bare bones set consisted of a single smoke machine; a small scale lamp post, a broken bench, a replica of broken up hexagon block sidewalk,  and  two large dragon footprints made to resemble skid marks.

Staffers often outnumbered onlookers for much of  this morning's  low key event to promote the DVD release Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 5.

“Sorry for the mess,” an event personnel explained. 

“A dragon landed here last night and we are cleaning up after him,” he repeated over and over.  

The barker then instructed people to post photos of the event to Twitter using a certain GOT hashtag.  

 Firefighers arrive at the scene. 

Event staff reminded the public of another event later this evening at Harold Square and hinted that, “special guests”  - i.e. cast members - would be in attendance.

At least one person not connected to HBO’s hit show had hoped for a larger crowd.

NYPhotobus set up a voter registration location a few feet away complete with GOT disco-themed music and “House Sanders” posters.

After five hours of being illegally parked in a turning lane police asked the bus to move on but not before they signed up 30 new voters NYPhoto reported.


Season 6 of HBO's wildly popular series premieres on April 24th.

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