Thursday, May 12, 2016

18-Year Old Stabbed In Back Playing Basketball By Gang


By Geoffrey Croft

An 18-year-old Hispanic male playing basketball in a Jackson Heights playground was stabbed in the back on Monday night, NYC Park Advocates has learned. 

The victim suffered a collapsed lung, multilple stab wounds, and swelling and bruising to the face. He was hit with a chain and slashed with a broken Snapple bottle above his right eye.

The teen was playing in Travers Park  with some younger friends when they were suddenly surrounded by group of  between 7 - 9 unknown males.  

He was asked if he was a member of ABK - Always Banging Kings - a vicious rival of the Latin Kings. 

“Are you ABK,” one the assailants said according to police.   

The victim answered no.

They began viciously beating him. When he tried to run they caught up to him.

"I got you," one of the assailants told the victim before stabbing him several times.

One of his friends got hit with a chain in his mouth and got chased by man with a belt and a knife.

The vicious attack occurred on May 9th, in Travers Park near Northern Blvd bet. 77 St. and 78 St. & 34th Avenue within the confines of the 115 Pct.    

EMS responded to a call at 8:27pm.  He was transported to Elmhurst Hospital and listed as serious but in stable condition.

This is part of a series of gang attacks in the area according to police. 

In March, blocks away from Monday’s park attack, a gang stabbed a 16-year-old and his dog after asking the victim if he was ABK.  He was not believed to be a member. 

An hour and a half later a 23-year-old victim was also stabbed after being asked the same gang-related question.

This Latino gang-related violence issue has plagued  the surrounding neighborhoods for more than a decade. 

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