Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Six Pounds Of Marijuana Recovered In Riverside Park Crash Vehicle After Police Pursuit

riverside crash
Suspect Raul Visla-Almovar, 27, is seen lying on the ground in police custody after the black Nissan car (left)  he was in crashed into a retaining wall in Riverside Park after being pursued by police. 
The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and remains at large.   (Photo by James Key via Westside Rag)


By Geoffrey Croft

Police found a 6 pound bag of marijuana in the car that crashed into Riverside Park after being pursued by cops, NYC Park Advocates has learned.  

Police arrested one suspect and are searching for the driver.

The wild incident began at 5:30 PM in the 24 Pct when police said they first spotted a black Nissan  driving erratically at West End Avenue and passed a red light at 101 Street. 

They tried to stop the vehicle but it sped off and entered the Henry Hudson Parkway traveling southbound.

The vehicle exited the Henry Hudson at 79th Street and entered the pedestrian walkway inside Riverside Park.

Police continued to follow with no lights and no sirens saying it was not a pursuit.

The vehicle traveled along the pathway narrowly missing park goers until it hit a retaining wall at 72nd Street.

The driver fled the vehicle but police caught the injured passenger who remained behind.

Raul Visla-Almovar, 27, was taken into custody and taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where he is being treated for a hip injury.

He is being held on an outstanding warrant from NJ.  Charges are pending from Tuesday’s incident.

Police are canvassing area hospitals to see if the driver turns up.

The investigation is ongoing. 

suspect riverside crash
The suspect, Raul Visla-Almovar, was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital and treated for a hip injury.  (Photo by Joy Bergmann - via Westside Rag) 

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