Sunday, September 11, 2016

Man Arrested In Washington Sq. Park After Pulling A Knife


An East Village resident was arrested by police in Washington Square Park after pulling a knife on a pa

A police officer on foot patrol was in the park on Friday afternoon when a park patron approached and said a man had pulled a knife on him.

The man was seen riding a bike away from the park heading northbound on Washington Square West.

Ten minutes later he returned to the park where the victim pointed him out to police.

Rodney Spencer, 54 from Pitt Street in Manhattan was arrested and charged with Menacing.

The incident occured within the convines of the 6th Pct at approximalty 1:30pm.

- Geoffrey Croft

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  1. Dear Sir, why do you choose to post such a stream of negative news? You could use this forum to bring attention to the good things that are being done in parks citywide as well. Please consider it if only for balance and to not perpetuate the fear-mongering prevalent in mainstream media. Thank you for listening.