Friday, November 3, 2017

Union Picket Stabbing At US Open Tennis Construction Site In FMCP


By Geoffrey Croft

A violent melee broke out yesterday between union and non-union Iron workers that left one man in serious condition after being stabbed and two others slashed several times.

The first victim, 35,  was stabbed in the arm and in the groan which cut an artery.  He underwent surgery last night and remains hospitalized. 

A second victim, 45 received 20 stitches in his side and stitches in both hands as a result of his efforts in trying to disarm the attacker according to a union representative. 

A third victim, 50, was slashed in the stomach but refused medical attention.  

Police arrested Delroy Danvers, 65, of Brooklyn. He was charged with Assault and Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

Ironworkers LOCAL 197 Stone Derrickman & Riggers were out on a picket line protesting non union work re-building the Louis Armstrong Stadium job site in Flushing Meadow Corona Park.

At approximately 3:25 p.m., a 65-year-old non-union worker emerged from the construction site and pulled a knife.  

"There were no problems," said William Hayes, the Local's Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and Business Manager who noted it was quiet before the incident.     

"The non-union guy was running his mouth going back and forth and went back inside and came back outside the door and stabbed the man.

The attacker then took off running where union workers caught up to him and held him until police arrived.  

"It was crazy,” said Hayes.

The union picketed with inflatable rats and about fifty workers to protest subcontractor U.S. Crane and Rigging’s hiring of non-union workers to install exterior precast stone work panels at the new stadium.

Hayes said some other trades were threatened on the job site today and are refusing to work over safety concerns for their members.

He says he does not understand why the City's Project Labor Agreement regarding city parkland is not in effect here.  

"When the contracts go out they say it's not a park entity," he said.  "They’re saying the US Open is a different entity and they don’t have to follow it."

 “At this time we have no comment,"  subcontractor U.S. Crane and Rigging said when reached for comment. 

According to Hayes, Hunt Construction, the general contractor is, "ultimately responsible for what's going on over there.”

A message for Hunt Construction seeking comment was not immediately returned.

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