Friday, February 19, 2010

Yankee Stadium to Host Bar Mitzvah, and Boxing Match On Same Day


Much of Macombs Dam and Mullaly Park acreage has gone from providing recreational opportunities to the South Bronx to lining the pockets of the Yankee organization. The public park land is being leased to the Yankee organization for their new stadium. 

The Yankee organization is making good on their promise to squeeze every possible penny out of its real estate deal with the City that allowed them to seize 25 acres of historic parkland from poor Bronx residents as well impact the city's tax payers at large in perpetuity without coughing up a penny.  The Associated Press and 1010 WINS are reporting that Yankee Stadium will be hosting a Bar Mitzvah for the son of Jon Ballan, the lead bond lawyer for the $1.5 billion stadium financing,  as well as a middleweight title boxing match on the same say. 

Boxing could be finally returning to Yankee Stadium, more than three decades after Muhammad Ali fought Ken Norton at the old ballpark in the Bronx. The Yankees said Friday they've agreed to accommodate a family that scheduled a bar mitzvah for June 5, the date that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum wants to stage Yuri Foreman's junior middleweight title defense against Miguel Cotto at the opulent ballpark. 

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Background:  In exchange for the tax payers paying more than $ 200 million dollars to replace parkland and associated infrastructure costs, and losing dedicated revenue in rent and concession fees to city coffers every year, and the losing three acres of public parkland, and bringing hundreds of thousands of additional cars annually  into the asthma capital of the US by building new parking garages, and taking millions of dollars of taxpayer money away in rent fees to pay for stadium planning costs,  the Bloomberg  and Pakaki administration leased 25 acres of Macombs Dam and Mullaly Park to the Yankee organization so they could build a new stadium. And in exchange for this land the Yankees gave the City nothing! That's right the wealthiest sports team in America didn't have to pay a penny for this land.  The Yankees, Win! The Yankees Win!!

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