Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heritage Field Design Gets Preliminary Approval

Gate 2 (l.) at old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is to be demolished along with rest of facility by June, but fans are fighting city's plan.
Gate 2 (l.) at old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is to be demolished along with rest of facility 
by June, but fans are fighting city's plan. (Photo: Alvarez/NY Daily News)

After various delays – including a push by a group of tourists to save a 1923 section of the old Yankee stadium – the City's Design Commission finally gave Preliminary Approval of Heritage Field on Monday afternoon. 

It still ain't over till its over.

That's the vow a group of Yankee fans made Tuesday after losing the latest - and possibly final - battle with the city to save Gate 2 at the old Yankee Stadium according to the Daily News.

The city Public Design Commission on Monday granted preliminary approval to the Parks Department's plans to commemorate the old Yankee Stadium - without retaining Gate 2.

Now the Gate 2 fans say they will pursue legal action to save it from the wrecking ball.

"I'm definitely going ahead with an injunction," said group member Tim Reid, 55, of Boca Raton, Fla.

The entire stadium is set to be demolished by June to make way for a Heritage Field Park.

The Parks Department plans to commemorate the House that Ruth Built by putting in engraved plaques and preserving elements of the stadium frieze and the famous bat statue outside.

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  1. I woke up this morning very irritated at the Yankees and Mayor Bloomberg...I would like to challenge "the Yankees," more specifically the Steinbrenners, to do what is right, not only for their fans, but for American History? Their father stated...

    “We absolutely must preserve the legacy of the Old Yankee Stadium. It must never die, and I will not allow it to die.”

    George Steinbrenner, March 2008 USA TODAY

    His words are ON THE LINE! Because that "legacy" is quickly dying, and if they can put up the New Stadium in two years, they can get something structurally saved from Old Yankee Stadium and PAY for it without making the kids of New York have to wait! Why have they disappeared!? They have betrayed their fans and the individuals who made them what they are.... Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Dickey, Ford, Berra, Stengel, Howard, Mantle... and the list goes on and on!

    This is pocket change for them... .where are they? Their fans deserve more than wire chairs on poles, a wire facade, a smokestack, and circles in the grass identifying areas of "great moments" in Yankee history (where Gehrig gave his speech on July 4, 1939 ).

    Cindy Jones,
    Committee to Commemorate Old Yankee Stadium