Saturday, March 27, 2010

Large Central Park Tree Topples, Crushes Car On UES

A large tree in Central Park fell on a parked car on Fifth Avenue btw. 92/93rd Streets.
(Image: NY 1)


A giant tree toppled onto Fifth Avenue in Manhattan Saturday, causing the street to shut down according to a report by NY1 News.

The tree, which stood on the edge of Central Park between 92nd and 93rd Streets, crushed a parked car.

Lana Choi, the owner of the car, said she was working several blocks away when it happened.

"I was working the cash register when someone came in and said a giant tree had fallen on Fifth Avenue and shut down the streets. So I ran over hoping that my car was salvaged, but unfortunately it was the casualty," said Choi. "It was my first car during and after college. I was hoping it would last me a couple more years, but I guess this is the last of it."

Choi said officials told her it was the largest tree in Central Park.

She also said her insurance will not cover it.

The Central Park Conservancy's president said the tree is one of hundreds that have come down following high winds this winter.

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Central Park Tree Topples, Crushes Car 

NY 1 News - March 27, 2010

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