Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prospect Park Santeria

Mutilated Animals Found In Prospect Park
Two dismembered chicken heads found at the shore of a Propect Park lake
 (Courtesy of Stephen Brown / March 24, 2010)


An unidentified butcher is leaving a gruesome trail of blood puddles, guts and animal carcasses in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, according to WPIX.

Park officials are trying to figure out who is responsible for mutilating the animals - which include chickens, turtles and rodents - and disposing them on the park grounds.

The latest discovery was described as a fleshy pile of animal entrails, stacked on a rock bordering the lake in Prospect Park Southwest. A chicken carcass was also found floating in the lake.

"It was quite repulsive," park-goer Bonita Makuch told the Brooklyn Paper, "with a pile that big, it seems to me you'd have to do a lot of killing to get that many guts."

This is the latest in multiple reports of disembodied animal heads, mostly chickens, with eight disembodied heads found floating Tuesday, March 16. However there have also been reports of smashed turtle shells, and the carcass of an opossum that may have died after drinking lake water contaminated by the slaughtered chickens.

Officials are speculating that the recent slaughter may be related to religious rituals, as animal killings are common in religions such as Santeria.

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WPIX - March 24, 2010- By JEREMY TANNER 

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