Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Than A Week After Tornado Middle Village Still Suffering

By Robert Holden

Most of Middle Village has hundreds of trees with dangerous dangling limbs and branches. What's very strange is that Juniper Valley Park is still very unsafe yet it was never closed by Parks.  Not even a warning sign to park users about the dangerous trees. Much of the park should not be open yet we have hundreds of people using it unaware of the dangers.  I asked Commissioner Benepe why the park is open with such devastation and obvious danger. He said the fallen trees pose no danger (I disagree) but the danger is from trees with broken or hanging limbs.  I told him we had many. Parks did put caution tape around a few but most of the unsafe trees don't anything warning park users.

Middle Village streets are very unsafe. Many blocks have several large unsafe trees with dangling limbs and branches.   I spoke to Commissioner Benepe on Wednesday about getting together about 75 volunteers to mark the dangerous trees with warning signs. He said he would get back to me about whether or not we could staple the signs to the trees. I still haven't heard back from him.

These photos were taken yesterday in and around Juniper Valley Park. On some of the trees it's difficult to see but all have dangerous hanging limbs or branches.

On Saturday morning on 83rd Place, near 64th Road, neighbors heard what they thought was a car accident. It turned out that a large limb came crashing down on a car's roof. This was several days after Parks Department trucks had removed what they said were all the dangerous trees and branches on the block.

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