Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parks Department Amnesia Over Rescued South Bronx Red-Tailed Hawk

That Red-Tailed Hawk Looks Familar. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe proudly holds a six-month old rehabilitated Red-Tailed Hawk that was rescued in the South Bronx on June 28, 2010. Yesterday the Parks Department omitted details relating to who actually rescued the hawk for a press event. (Photo: Daniel Avila/NYC Parks & Recreation Department)


On the same day the Park's Department's press office was releasing false public safty information to a Bronx reporter regarding the number of dedicated PEP officers available to patrol parks in the Bronx,  they were also omitting details of an animal rescue at a press conference.

Yesterday DPR flak Jesslyn Moser repeatedly tried to mislead Bronx News 12 reporter Sonia Moghe by telling her the Bronx has 18 officers to patrol 7,000 acres instead of only 1. At a press conference a few hours earlier in Central Park the Parks Department chose to leave out any detailed information about who actually helped rescue the hawk. (Its been a tough week for DPR's press office in the veracity department) 

June 28, 2010. A red-tailed hawk, believed to be less than two months old, was brought to Brook Park. The young raptor was then transported by canoe to a licensed falconer. (Photo: Geoffrey Croft, NYC Park Advocates) 

For the record, the collaborative hawk rescue effort included three South Bronx residents - Lee Rivera, Danny Chervoni and Friends of Brook Park president Harry Bubbins, two Brook Park volunteers, Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates and lots of good-old-fashioned South Bronx goodwill along the way.   It goes without saying that not one of the folks involved with getting the hawk to the falconer were invited to the press event.

We wish a wonderful heathy life to that beautiful hawk.

June 28, 2010. The red-tailed hawk was rescued by local environmentalists after falling from an air-conditioner in the South Bronx. (Photo: Geoffrey Croft, NYC Park Advocates) 

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