Wednesday, October 6, 2010

City Admits Regina Myer & Co Erred In Artist Flap


A clueless, Jeffrey Sandgrund, (L) director of Brooklyn Bridge Park operations and Regina Myer, (R) president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation attempted to prevent artist E.K. Buckley from legally selling art in the park on September 25, 2010. (Image: gothamist)


The head of Brooklyn Bridge Park was caught on video ordering a pair of artists looking to hawk their wares in the new urban oasis to take a hike -- unaware that art vending in city parks is legal, according to the New York Post.

Regina Myer, president of the city development corporation that runs the waterfront park, can be seen in the video, which was posted on YouTube after the embarrassing Sept. 25 exchange at Pier 1, telling Brooklyn artists E.K. Buckley and Sarah Valarie to pack up their merchandise and get out because they didn't have a permit.

The city yesterday confirmed Myer erred.

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