Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Geese Kill Zones Expanded In NYC

The recently expanded kill zone for the eradication of geese around Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

The Federal Government, in concert with the City, recently expanded the kill zones for the eradication of geese around Kennedy and LaGuardia airports to seven miles.  Resident geese, not migratory geese, are mostly being targeted. 

City Wide

The government is on a citywide wild-goose chase.

Expanded "kill zones" for the eradication of geese around Kennedy and La Guardia airports are so large that they cover nearly all of the Big Apple -- and critics say it's literally a case of overkill, according to the New York Post.

"It reminds me of the old saying, 'Kill them all and let God sort it out,' " said former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern.

After a bird strike caused the emergency Hudson River landing of US Airways Flight 1549, a city, state and federal task force recommended creating a five-mile "geese mitigation" zone around the airports.

At the feds' urging, the zone was expanded to seven miles this summer, said city Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Farrell Sklerov. "Obviously, our priority is for the public to be able to safely fly in and out of city airports," he said.

A map obtained by The Brooklyn Paper showed the zones cover all of Queens, most of Manhattan and The Bronx and half of Brooklyn.

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