Thursday, December 30, 2010

Park Terrace West Mugging

Inwood Mugging Concerns Neighbors Again
A 44-year old man was mugged on December 28th by by three teenage boys on Park Terrace West, adjacent to Inwood Hill Park to Isham Park. The assault has raised further concerns about a lack of security cameras, lights and patrols in Inwood. (DNAinfo/Carla Zanoni)


The recent mugging of a 44-year-old man, who was allegedly attacked by three teenage boys on Park Terrace West, is pushing some to ask for increased security, new lighting and cameras on the quiet and desolate stretch between Isham Park and Inwood Hill Park, according to DNAinfo.

The victim told police he was attacked on Tuesday, Dec. 28, at approximately 7 p.m., when he was approached from behind and knocked to the ground by the teenagers, who then took money from his pants pocket and fled on foot.

Police said the victim had minor bruises and cuts, but did not request medical attention.

Before the alleged attack, a resident who lives nearby said he had called 911 to report three suspicious looking teens who were wearing ski masks covering their noses and mouths standing near the corner where the assault took place.

Shortly after making the call, a 911 operator called him back to ask for details, the resident said, because a robbery had just taken place with suspects matching his reported description.

"The only way to keep the criminals out is if they fear getting caught, and that means calling in suspicious behavior to 911," the resident wrote in an e-mail, requesting that his name be withheld. "Better lights, security cameras and other measures would help, but ultimately it's a combination of Jane Jacobs eyes-on-the-street and squeaky-wheel-gets-the-oil that protects and enhances a neighborhood."

Twitter user Linnie_Inwood also warned residents that a neighbor had encountered three teens fitting the same description in Isham Park, but said his dog scared the young men away.

Residents in Inwood have been on high alert throughout the year after several flare ups of car break-ins and vandalism, assaults and muggings.

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