Monday, January 3, 2011

Decapitated Chickens Found In Prospect Park

Animal sacrifices continue in Prospect Park. Decapitated chickens were found in the woods on New Years Day according to Brooklyn Photos. The post was picked up by gothamist.

Last year Prospect Park saw plenty of dead animals—from possible Santeria rituals to government-sanctionedCanada geese slaughters, almost every kind of animal fell victim to someone or something. Well, the blood is still pouring over there—Brooklyn Photos spotted these decapitated chickens "in the woods in the middle of Prospect Park" yesterday. Looks like the area is still a prime spot for Santeria rituals in 2011! Perhaps this whole dead animal thing will be one of the main focuses of the new park administrator taking over for Tupper Thomas this year.

Bloody Snow. Prospect Park is not off to a good year as mutilations of animals continue to plague the popular park.

Brooklyn Photos - January 1, 2010

gothamist - January 1, 2010 - by Jen Carlson

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