Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hook Removed from Baby Swan's Mouth

"Prospect Park Alliance spokesman Eugene Patron said Parks Department officers can issue summonses for fishing with barbed hooks, but he was unsure to what extent these officers patrol in the winter months."

Unfortunately animal cruelty continues in the new year in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.
This hook - seen above - was removed from this baby swan’s mouth this week near the lake in Prospect Park.


It was nearly curtains for Groucho the swan on Monday — but two Prospect Park advocates saved the creature from becoming duck soup, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

The sorry cygnet — a young swan — managed to get a fishing hook buried deep in its mouth, a predicament experts say would have spelled doom for the bird as it would have been unable to eat.

A friend called park advocate Ed Bahlman late on Monday with the news, and he and wildlife rehabilitator Anne-Katrin Titze were at the lake first thing Tuesday morning, armed with moxie and a set of needle-nosed pliers.

Using cobra-like quickness, Bahlman was able to extract the bird from the water with his bare hands. Titze then used the tool to gingerly dislodge the hook.

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