Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Removal: Prospect Vs. Central Park


"Paths for weeks around Prospect Park remained un-cleared. Walking paths have been left to become a slick, frozen, treacherous tundra," Anne-Katrin wrote us on Thursday. "In Prospect Park on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 before the new snowfall, we had at least 12 inches of hardened snow and ice left over from the December 26th, 2010 storm. At that time 16 days and counting., We have a lack of timely garbage collection and removal most of the year and the rest of the year ice and snow remains covering walking paths until the spring thaw., The only path plowed and cleared around the 60 plus acres of lakeside is at the Lincoln Rd. entrance heading to the Boathouse."

On Thursday WPIX TV's Greg Mocker filed a story comparing snow removal in Brooklyn's
flag ship Prospect Park to Manhattan's Central Park. The "snap shot" showed an entrance and pathways in Prospect Park where a shovel had clearly not been used and paths near the Arsenal, the Parks Department's headquarters off of Fifth Ave.

Resources: Central Park has an annual operating budget of $ 27 million dollars for 843 acres as compared to $ 12.7 million for Prospect Park's 585 acres. Central Park also has more than nine times the amount in assets: The Central Park Conservancy has $192.4 million in assets as compared to $ 18 million for the Prospect Park Alliance according to their latest audited financial statements. - Geoffrey Croft

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WPIX - January 13, 2011 - By Greg Mocker

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