Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mayor Signs Extended Smoking Ban For Parks/Beaches

Barbara Fischer, from Staten Island, N.Y., smokes in City Hall Park on Oct. 14, 2010, in New York. The city has banned smoking in public parks, on beaches and in pedestrian plazas.
Barbara Fischer, from Staten Island, N.Y., smokes in City Hall Park on Oct. 14, 2010. The Mayor signed legislation today which prohibits smoking in public parks, on beaches, and in pedestrian plazas including those under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. The law goes into effect on May 23, 2011. (Photo: Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press)


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday signed legislation that prohibits smoking in parks, beaches, marinas and on boardwalks and pedestrian plazas, beginning in 90 days. It takes effect May 23, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Referring to the man who helped create Central Park, Bloomberg said at Tuesday’s bill signing, “Frederic Law Olmstead hailed public parks as the ‘lungs of the city’—a haven where one could escape the overcrowded, noisy, and polluted streets.”

“We need to ensure that our public spaces provide just that—a healthy place in which to relax and enjoy the surroundings,” Bloomberg said. “Smoke-free parks and beaches will make these recreational spaces more enjoyable for everyone by providing open space, clean air, and healthy activities.”

Parks Department officials will be authorized to enforce the law, and may issue fines of $50 per violation.

Not a single opponent of the legislation spoke against the bill at the signing ceremony.

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