Saturday, February 26, 2011

NYPD Arrest 16 In Owls Head Park For Gang Related Activity


The NYPD arrested 16 people on February 25 in Owls Head Park for gang related activity, a Walk In The Park has learned. A police source said they were suspected members of the Latin Kings gang. Between 18 - 20 individuals had gathered in the park for a meeting after dusk according to police. Sixteen were arrested for unlawful assembly - "causing fear and public alarm, " and given tickets for disorderly conduct, and violation of a local law relating to being in a park after dusk. The arrests were made at approximately 6:20pm. The ages of those arrested were between 16-19, and two minors. A twenty-year-old Hispanic male was arrested for Inciting to Riot.

Gang activity has been a problem in the park. In June 2010 a Middle Eastern teen was shot and critically wounded by 16-year-old Hispanic. The police believe the incident was gang and racially motivated.

The assailant and two other suspects, also 16, were arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault. The wounded teen was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was listed in critical yet stable condition after surgery. - Geoffrey Croft

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