Sunday, March 20, 2011

Woman Found Dead In Union Square Park


EMS responded to Union Square Park (E. 16th & Union Sq. West) yesterday at approx. 11:00A.M. for a female (35-40 years old) who suffered from a fatal drug overdose. The woman was found on the floor next to a bench that she had fallen off of. She was transported to Bellevue Hospital. The woman reportedly had a 6-year old daughter who was not at the scene.

Five days earlier, on March 15, a 41-year old male was found unconscious in the Park a few benches away from a drug overdose. He was transported unconscious but breathing by EMS to Beth Israel Hospital.

"The place is infested with drug users," said a Park employee. NYPD has stepped up their presence since the woman was found according to a source.— Geoffrey Croft

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