Monday, October 10, 2011

Freinds Of the High Line Spends $ On "Cryptic" Skywriting Message

Skywritten messages, including this one saying 'Last Chance', puzzled New Yorkers Sunday. The messages were part of an art project for The High-Line.
Last Chance. Friends of the High Line - who this administration is allowing to divert concession revenue that would normally go into the City's general fund - spent thousands on a skywriting "art" project that had some viewers concerned. The skywriting stunt was supported by city and state public funding, according to the High Line's website, the Daily News reported. (Photo: Raphael Lopez, Jr.)


Artistic expression touches nearly every surface in New York City. On Sunday in lower Manhattan one project was created to express a message in the sky.

People we talked with say it took a long time for the plane to finish skywriting, but eventually, the phrase "last chance" was spelled out, leaving plenty of people puzzled as the project sponsored with private money by 'Friends of the High Line' took form.

It was a message the evoked interest and fear.

"Many of us who went through September 11th and it's always on our mind when anything like this happens," one resident of Manhattan for three decades said.

Those who worked on the project say the idea was for people to interpret the skywriting in their own way, much like in the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch writes "Surrender Dorothy".

"I was more worried about the best spot. The best viewing spot, to be able to show the artist's intention," photographer of the project, Etienne Frossard said.

And the intention... to get people thinking, and talking.

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