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Man's Decomposed Body Found In Inwood Hill Park

Body in Inwood Hill Park
Police investigate the discovery of 78-year-old Inwood resident Seyed Ali Badakhshan's body in Inwood Hill Park. His body was found this morning by a dog walker. Police said he was camping in the park.  Mr. Badakhshan lived on Riverside Drive a few blocks away from the park. (Photos: Bruce Katz/DNAinfo)   

Seyed Ali Badakhshan Missing Inwood Man
According to DNAinfo Mr. Badakhshan had been missing since September 17th.


By Geoffrey Croft

The body of an inwood resident was found by a dog walker this morning around 8:00am, NYC Park Advocates has learned. 

According to law enforcement sources the badly decomposed body has been identified as Seyed Ali Badakhshan. 

His body was found in a wooded area approximately 100 west of the Henry Hudson Parkway and 50 yards East of the Railroad Bridge at the very tip of Manhattan.

According to police EMS responded and pronounced him DOA.  The investigation is on going and the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. 

Badakhshan was reported missing on Sept. 17 and was last seen at 10:30 p.m. that evening on the corner of Henshaw Street and Riverside Drive, according to DNainfo.  

An Inwood resident walking his dog noticed Badakhshan's body off a pathway near Dyckman Street and Henry Hudson Parkway just after 8 a.m. Monday, police said.

Authorities found a tent in a secluded section of the woods near where he was found. Sources said they believe he had been camping in the park. It was not immediately clear how long his body had been in the woods before it was found.

Cops do not suspect foul play, but the investigation is ongoing. The medical examiner will determine the cause of the death.
A woman who asked not to be identified said she and her husband lived in Badakhshan's building for two years.

"He was a sweety," she said. "He would try to hold the door open for you even though you were probably more capable than he was."

Badakhshan's body was found not far from the area where Juilliard student Sarah Fox's body was found after her murder in 2004.

That case remains unsolved. The two are not believed to be connected in any way, sources said.

Body in Inwood Hill Park
The Office of the Medical Examiner arrives at the scene.

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