Friday, October 5, 2012

Police Make Arrest In Vicious McCarren Park Homeless Man Attack

A homeless man believed to be in his 30's was viciously attacked early Tuesday morning in McCarren Park. The victim has been unconscious since the attack.  Police arrested a suspect, a Queens man,  with in a day of the incident.   (Photo: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) Click on image to enlarge. 

A hundred yards away down the path on the left  - a 16-year-old was brutally attacked  in July and nearly killed by large gang.


By Geoffrey Croft

Police have made an arrest in the vicious attack of a homeless man in McCarren Park early Tuesday morning.

According to the police compliant,  Disney Cortes, 22 of Jackson Heights Queens smashed a 40-ounce beer bottle on the victims head and repeatedly hit him with his fists which caused him to fall to the ground.   

The incident occurred in McCarran Park at approximately 3:35 am. 

The victim managed to stumble out of the park. When Police found him a few blocks away collapsed on the sidewalk on the corner of Bedford and Manhattan Avenues in front of Dunkin' Donuts he was "bleeding profusely from several lacerations to the head, face and hands and with shards of glass protruding from John Doe's eye." 

Police followed the trail of blood to the park near a picnic bench where they recovered the broken bottle near a pool of blood.

The police have been unable to Identify the victim. He has been unconscious since the attack. He remains in critical condition, sedated and intubated, with several lacerations to the head, face and hands, according to the compliant.

Police sources say the attack appears random.  

Cortes, from 88th Street in Jackson Heights Queens, was charged with Attempted Murder In The Second Degree, two charged of Assault In The First Degree, and Criminal Possession Of A Weapon In The Fourth Degree.

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