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Little Girls Forced To Fight In NYC Park - Latest Incident of Violence Against Girls In A Park Posted On YouTube


A sickening video of two girls who appear to be no older than 7 or 8-years-old are forced to fight each other in a city park was posted on YouTube.  In July another sickening video was posted of voilence aganst girls in a city park. In that incident three teen girls were attacked, a 13-year-old girl's nose required surgery.

By Geoffrey Croft

The girls are surrounded by older teenage girls egging them on, laughing and cursing.

The video opens with a little girl wearing a puffy white jacket and pink pants being ordered to strike another girl.

"Go, Just slap her, just slap her."  The girl,  who is repeatedly referred to as "Puna" walks up to the other one who is wearing a dark coat and pants and complies.

She pushes her first and then slaps her across the face. 

"Slap her harder," she is ordered.  She does multiple times. The aggressor then grabs the other girl hair and leads her around violently in a circle and along an asphalt park path.

After she is finally able to break free another person in the group is seen using her cell phone to document the girl crying hysterically.

"Catch her crying" one of the older girls is heard saying.

The girl's tears evokes uproariously laugher from the older girls.

"I don't want to hit her," the girl in the dark jacket is heard saying through tears.

"I'm not playing, I like this little girl."

At the end of heartbreaking 2:35 second video the terrified girl says, "I like the little girl,  I would go to jail for her."  

On July 10th, in an incident also posted on YouTube three teens were girls were viciously attacked after they went swimming at the newly opened McCarren Park Pool. A 13-year-old was first hit from behind and punched in the face, requiring surgery on her nose. 


In a chilling cell phone video recorded by one of the assailants in July, you can see the attacker run after the 13-year-old and punch her in the face from behind, then laugh. (Image: via gothamist)

Just when you think our voyeuristic culture of glorified violence couldn't sink much lower, YouTube is there to reveal new depths, according to gothamist.

 The latest example of misery being manufactured for social media comes to us from an unidentified NYC park, where two little girls are harassed into fighting each other for the cameras. We should warn you that the following video will probably make your blood boil:

It's unclear if the older females forcing the children to fight are parents or older siblings or random teenagers, but the video could be used as evidence by the police or child protective services. In December, two parents in Georgia were charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a video appeared to show them egging on their daughter in a fight. Similar incidents have also been caught on camera.
We reached out to the individual who uploaded the video to YouTube, but have not yet heard back. We also forwarded the video to NYC's Administration for Children's Services, and they're currently reviewing it. A spokesperson says that at the very least this video serves as a reminder that anyone who sees what they perceive to be abuse or neglect should call New York's abuse and neglect hotline at 1-800-342-3720.

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