Thursday, February 21, 2013

Older Sister of Child Playground Bully Initiated Attack Posted On YouTube Over "Candy Incident"- Police

The disturbing violence occurred in Poe Park just north of Fordham Road in the Bronx. The 17-year-old sister allegedly offered up her 6-year-old younger sister to settle a score involving  another sister who had been been bumped by another girl while reaching for candy in a previous incident.  (Image: gothamist)


The 17-year-old sister of the 6 year-old seen attacking another child at a park initiated the assault according to law enforcement sources.

In the sickening video she is heard ordering her 6-old-old younger sibling to attack a 7-year-old girl.

"Go, Just slap her, just slap her."  The 6-year-old girl,  referred to as "Puna" walks up to the other one , pushes her first and then slaps her across the face. 

"Slap her harder," she is ordered by her older sister.  

Police have identified the 17-year-old sister who instigated the fight and are currently searching for her. She faces possible child endangerment charges according to sources.
The blood curling video posted on YouTube - and first reported by gothamist - shows a 6-year-old child wearing a white jacket attacking a 7-year-old who is dressed in dark clothes. 

Sometime in January over the holiday school break possibly in the park - candy was thrown into the air and two people allegedly bumped into each other. Those feelings were not settled so a plan was hatched for the young girls to fight in order to settle score over a candy incident which involved their  sisters, one who was 12-years-old. 

After the video surfaced the mother of the 7-year-old victim came forward to the authorities and told them the bizarre story.

The disturbing incident occurred in Poe Park just north of Fordham Road on the Grand Concourse and East 192nd Stree in the Bronx in the 52 Pct.  

All three of the sisters were present at the fight. 

A 14, year- old and 17-year-old were also present. 

The plan was allegedly for 17-year-old to post the video to a hip hop web site.

The disturbing story was picked up widely by news outlets. 

On July 10th, in an incident also posted on YouTube three teens were girls were viciously attacked after they went swimming at the newly opened McCarren Park Pool. A 13-year-old was first hit from behind and punched in the face, requiring surgery on her nose. 

In a chilling cell phone video recorded by one of the assailants in July, you can see the attacker run after the 13-year-old and punch her in the face from behind, then laugh. (Image: via gothamist)

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