Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Van Cortlandt Park Sexual Exposer Caught


By Geoffrey Croft

Park police caught a serial public masturbator in Van Cortlandt Park NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The Parks Department had gotten several complaints from the public and from park employees about a man touching himself in Van Cortlandt Park.

On Sunday alert PEP officers driving down Broadway spotted a red car with Virginia plates parked on the street at  252nd St. & Broadway that matched the description given by witnesses in previous encounters.  

From the street officers could see a lone figure standing in the woods.

He was positioned about 50 feet from a pedestrian path where passersby including women and children were plainly in view.

The officers approached the man and caught him in the act. He was wearing a latex surgical glove. The officers found dozens of discarded surgical gloves all over the ground. 

When Officers escorted the Spanish speaking 50 year-old man back to his car to retrieve his ID they found plastic gloves strewn all over his car including on the steering wheel.  The key was in  the ignition.  

He was issued a criminal court summons for sexual activity in public.  

He is due in court on May 30th.

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