Monday, March 4, 2013

Homeless Man Found Burnt In Forest Park

A man out for a walk with his dog in Forest Park on Sunday found found the charred body of a homeless man, 42-year old Paul Bivainis among a makeshift camp in Forest Park.  In November the body of a 21-year-old Brooklyn man Thomas Dudley was discovered stabbed to death by workers clearing a pile of trees discarded in the park during cleaning efforts after hurricane Sandy.  In May firefighters responding to a brush fire discovered the body of a still-unidentified man on top of a pile of burning garbage located near the spot where Bivainis’ body was found.  (Photo by Rich Bockmann)

A man walking his dog in Forest Park made a grisly discovery on March 3 – the badly burned body of a homeless man who was consumed by flames from a fire he set to keep himself warm, police said, according to the Queens Gazette.

Police responding to a 911 call found the body of Paul Bivainis at Park Lane South and Freedom Drive at about noon on March 3.

Cops said the 42-year-old homeless man apparently set up camp along a walking trail that leads to the spot where the body was discovered. The ground beneath the body was charred and police found a burned plastic bag containing an assortment of items hanging from a nearby tree, police said.

Police sources said investigators also discovered numerous, empty liquor bottles and makeshift cooking grates at the scene.

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Queens Gazette - March 3, 2012 - By Liz Goff

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